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Dude out of ATL named @only1cash handed me this CD personally and it’s nice - @Simpsei

"New EP #TheProposal by @Vandalyzm" - @MissKlept

The homie Vandalyzm just came out with a new EP for the people, titled The Proposal. (Click picture for link to download) Van is a talented artist from St Louis that I had the pleasure of becoming cool with via this crazy thing we call the internet. What impressed me most about Van as an artist is that he is aggressively humble. I know the average person may not understand me when I say that, but basically he is a very talented individual who is constantly perfecting his craft while being humble and extremely grateful. Not many artist these days can deliver a good product that they spit on, produced and mastered themselves, but Van can. So everyone go ahead and support some good music mad by hard working talent…

Part 1 of my appearance on “Where’s My 40 Acres?” - @Simpsei

Check my latest appearance on “Where’s My 40 Acres?” podcast. Part 2. - @Simpsei

Perfect music for this weather. Peep “Get You Some” ASAP! - @Simpsei

Shout out to www.marblestoop.com for putting me on to this one. Has that Warren G Regulate sound and feel to it. Sunny skies music. - @Simpsei

New project I came across recently. Shout out to the artist @MrConrizzle - @Simpsei 

Rivera has never steered you wrong in the past and he never will. Check out my bro Jus Smith ( @thaG5 ) latest audio craft entitled “My Show”. Another Harlem star in the making, trust me.

Taylor Boy: Champ Is Here

1.      Rivera: For those who may not be familiar with you, let the people know your name & where you’re from.Taylor Boy: Taylor Boy, I’m from Columbia South Carolina. South Crack!


2.      Rivera: How long have you been writing? And when did you make the transition into making music? Taylor Boy: I’ve been writing since 03. It started as writing raps in class to battle with niggas at lunch time in front of everybody. Being dominant out there gave me the confidence it took to be able to control the listeners. I was looking for a new challenge, so I started trying to write whole songs. I didn’t actually record a track until 08



3.      Rivera: For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your style/sound to give them an idea of what they can expect? Taylor Boy: They can expect some fly player shit. I think my music makes niggas wanna be around gorgeous women, exotic marijuana, and top shelf liquor. Got plenty of shit to just ride to, some shit to motivate you, and some shit that inspires you to holla at shawty with the pretty face, flat stomach, good hair, and the phat ass. We got some street shit too, I wouldn’t say it’s your average southern sound


4.      Rivera: If you could do a track with ANY producer & have ANY rapper/singer featured, who would it be? And why? Taylor Boy: I wanna work with Adele, her voice is incredible. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard a voice so soulful. I’d love to see what we could cook up.


5.      Rivera: What advice would you give to the craftless beings still roaming the earth wearing afros or braids? Taylor Boy: I’d just tell em to fall back and be a spectator and a fan of niggas who really doing something. Pay closer attention, learn a lil something and try to master whatever you’re devoting your time and energy to. People respect talent 1st, and the person 2nd.


6.      Rivera: I interviewed Bar a while back and asked for 3 warning signs of a shorty being a “hoe”, so bless the people with 3 signs of your own! Taylor Boy: If more than 2 of her fingernails got black shit up under them, she a hoe. If her passenger side seat be positioned differently every time u get in her car, she a hoe. And if the back of her stud earrings got that build up in them, she a filthy hoe.


7.      Rivera: Before we wrap, let the people know where they can find your music & what songs/projects you’re working on for them to look out for. Taylor Boy:  I had a lot of music stolen from me in a break in, so I’m in the rebuilding process now. Got a dope project on the way so be on the lookout, still juggling with a name for it right now. I’m just thankful for niggas fuckin with what we do, that kinda love really inspires me to do something special every time I step in that booth. I’m very appreciative. Shout out to my partner Hybrid and my producer J Breeze, we up next.


Salute to the homie Taylor Boy ( @imtaylorboy803 ) stay tuned and keep up with the movement. Respect.

Comfort Zone: Part I: Shape Up

As a man, I can truly say that there are few things more refreshing than getting a fresh haircut or getting that good shape up in between cuts. People in general love to be in their natural state without having to worry about being judged on their appearance. This is where you find your comfort zone.

Skipping a shape up and/or haircut allows you display your versatility. A nice fitted cap collection comes in handy during times like this. One should make up for the lack of grooming by allowing the fitted of their choosing to properly assist in maintaining their aura.

Notice, I didn’t say snapbacks. Nothing against them, but if you’re going to skip a haircut, the LAST thing you want is for someone standing in line behind you to see a lonely section of hair peeking.

What you don’t do while going through this process is fall in love with the feeling so much that you don’t want to get back on the haircut wave.  Only use it when necessary.

Think about it like this: no shape up wave = hoe. Your image = housewife. As the old adage goes, “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”. But some people do it anyway and it’s apparent by their decision to do so that they don’t want to prosper.

Sometimes you have to let the rugged look rock temporarily as long as you do it correct. The ladies even appreciate the fresh cut THAT much more when they’ve had to put up with the “grinding” look.

Stay tuned for part 2, as we take a look at a well known rapper’s idea of comfort. In the meantime, keep the craftless away.


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